What is PRP in Mt. Juliet?

PRP is a procedure to obtain an autologous (“your own”) high concentration of blood platelets in a small volume and to re-introduce them onto and into that person’s skin. A small amount of blood is obtained via painless injections that are completely safe and free from trans­missible diseases, allergy or foreign body reactions.

The vile of withdrawn blood is then placed in a special sterile centrifuge which will process the blood to separate components of high concentration of platelets. Decades of scientific clinical practice prove that bone, soft tissue, wound healing enhancement best occur at this higher level of concentration which is what makes it so beautifully effective for skin rejuvenation.

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“Platelet Rich Plasma,” now commonly referred to as “PRP”, is a recent breakthrough that uses one’s own blood platelets as an aesthetic and antiaging treatment. PRP represents new biotechnology that focuses on tissue re-engineering and cellular therapy which can repair and reverse aging conditions at a much deeper level i.e. the molecular and cellular levels. Yes, this sounds a bit scientific, but with Platelet Rich Plasma, it is a science that works wonders on your refreshing and invigorating skin.

What Does PRP Do?

A small amount of blood, usually 10 ccs, is taken from the patient and then via an advanced centrifuge process, 5-6 cc of PRP will be extracted after just 5 minutes. The PRP is then injected directly into the skin either superficially or deep. PRP is an excellent source of growth factors. There are seven known native growth factors in PRP. They act on the natural healing ability of our body by increasing cell numbers (mitogenesis) and blood vessel growth (angiogenesis).

Once PRP is activated in the skin, it begins to release growth factors immediately. This starts a healing cascade in the following days, it stimulates the adjoining cells, producing additional amounts of growth factors, and eventually collagen production. his analogous process takes about 2-3 weeks. Result? Global skin rejuvenation with the enhanced tautness of skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and facial volume.

Previously, PRP has been used in various medical specialties like orthopedic, maxillofacial surgery, sports medicine to repair the wear and tear of our tissue. PRP is now being introduced and used in the aesthetic field as a rejuvenation therapy.

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What Does A PRP Treatment Feel Like?

The treatment is done the same day as your blood draw. Your blood will be drawn into a specially buffed tube, each tube holds 10 ml of blood. Most treatments require 1-2 tubes or 10-20 ml of blood. This is a very small amount of blood drawn from you in comparison with a blood donation which is about 500 ml.

Because we use only the most advanced technology, the PRP prep time only takes about 5 minutes, yields the highest volume (typically 6 ml PRP out of 10 ml blood), and the purest PRP.

Based on each patient’s condition and treatment goal, PRP is introduced back to the target areas by derma-needling, fractional micro-pin, or direct needle injection. This allows us to tailor each treatment to your needs and correlate depth and intensity.

During PRP treatment, mild pain and discomfort might be experienced by some patients, topical numbing cream will be applied before the procedure to minimize the discomfort.

What Areas Can PRP Treat?

• Facial And Neck Rejuvenation
• Acne Scars Revision
• Hair Loss And Prevention
• Female Vaginal Rejuvenation
• Men’s Sexual Wellness