Weight Loss Tricks For Adults Over 50

Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

If you’re an adult over 50, you’re likely aware of the fact that weight gain is a common symptom of menopause and andropause. Here’s the good news: We’re here to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight-even as you age. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you combat weight gain as you get older.

Incorporate strength training into your fitness regimen.

Did you know that muscle burns more calories than fat? In fact, one pound of muscle actually burns around 3 times more calories than one pound of fat does. By incorporating weight training into a fitness regimen, men and women can combat metabolic effects of aging. 

Start building muscle and burning more calories by incorporating 2-3 days of strength training into your workout regimen. These strength sessions will not only improve your metabolism, but will also improve your overall quality of life by lowering injury risk and increasing mobility.

Avoid “quick fix” diets.

We live in a world of instant gratification, but unfortunately weight loss takes time, commitment, and patience. Dramatic weight loss in a short period of time can actually trick your metabolism into slowing down. Why? The human body is built for survival. 

When a sudden change is made to energy consumption and expenditure (food & exercise), the body goes into “starvation mode,” an evolutionary response that reduces metabolic rate in order to preserve energy. For the average person trying to lose weight, food scarcity isn’t the issue. The body reacts to “crash” diets by putting the brakes on our metabolism because it doesn’t understand that starvation can be voluntary.

The key takeaway here is that weight loss doesn’t - and shouldn’t - happen overnight. Stick to a weight loss regimen that focuses on losing weight steadily over time. You’ll not only lose the weight, but you’ll build the habits necessary to keep it off!

Maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

Sleep is perhaps one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, aging can negatively impact sleep quality, triggering appetite and increasing the likelihood of weight gain. 

For adults over 50, this means that maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is especially important. Here are a few tips on improving sleep quality:

Get your hormone levels checked

For men and women over the age of 50, hormones play an enormous role in weight management. If hormones are not functioning at an optimal level, weight loss becomes extremely difficult--even if an individual is on track with diet and exercise. Adults over the age of 50 looking to lose weight should always seek advice from an expert to see if hormone imbalances are at play.

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